Delivery Terms

Infrastructure advancements has seen major developments in the last couple of years for our country. Various new companies have opened solely focusing on parcel delivery all over the country. Having that in mind, we have decided to use third-party logistics for handling our delivery-end all over the country. We are partnering with the major names in the industry like Sundarban, Pathao, Redx, and many others. The specific partner we use for your ordered item will vary depending on the type and size of product and the overall convenience.

Delivery Timeline and Costing:

SLDelivery TypeCost Upto 1KGCost Per EXtra KGTime

Inside Dhaka City
TK. 60 TK. 20
2-4 Business Days
2Inside Dhaka Division
TK. 100TK. 252-4 Business Days
3Office PickupNo CostNo Cost2 Business Day
4Outside Dhaka Division
TK. 120TK.253-5 Business Days

Delivery Procedure and Cost for Large Products

The delivery procedure for large products will vary depending on the product. After the order has been confirmed, our customer relationship agent will talk with you and align the cost of sending your product to your desired location.

As the cost of sending such products vary from product to product, it is very hard to provide an exact figure. Rest assured about the fact that you will only be charged according to the courier charge for delivering your product.

Generally it will take around 2-7 days inside Dhaka city and 4-10 days outside Dhaka city for the delivery to get completed for these kind of products.

Furthermore, if there is the requirement of installing the product at your premises. After getting confirmation of delivery from you, we will notify the supplier and they will send their technicians to your location for the installation process. The installation is usually done within 48 hours or 2 days from the time of delivery confirmation. The cost for installation will also be notified prior to delivery by our customer relationship agent.

There is a special case for Bosch Home Appliances, as they are providing free delivery and installation services. For their products there will be no extra cost (except extra parts required for installation) post- purchase for inside Dhaka orders. For outside Dhaka orders the product will be sent to the nearest courier hub of your desired location and you will have to collect it from there and bring it your location by yourselves. For installation, inside Dhaka orders, the technical team will go for installation within the next 48 hours or 2 days after delivery completion. For outside Dhaka orders, the technical team will visit your location within the next 72 hours or 3 days for installation after getting confirmation from your end that the site is ready.