Warranty Policy

At Pineaps we take care of all your product related issues by ourselves. So, forget the hassle of searching for the supplier/seller for your purchased product, going through and wasting your valuable time contacting the suppliers in order to claim warranty. When you shop at Pineaps, it becomes our responsibility to handle all these things on your behalf. To claim warranty, just give us a call at our hotline number, or knock us at our social media platforms or you can also mail us at info.pineaps@gmail.com. Our representative will guide and take care of the rest. Different products have different types of warranties, and all these different warranties work differently. It is always better to know about all the types of warranties we have at our site and how they work.

The type of warranties we offer at Pineaps and how they work will be discussed in the following:

1. Official or Brand Warranty:

All the products that have this warranty at our site are collected from authorized distributors of that brand or from wholesalers/retailers partnering with respective brands. Products with this warranty can be said to be of the highest quality and most authentic product available in Bangladesh. Official/Brand Warranty products have different warranty policies set by the distributor/importer/representative of their respective brands. As a reseller of such branded products, we must abide by the policies set by them. We urge you to go through the brand’s national distributor warranty policy to keep yourself updated and know how they work.

2. Replacement Warranty:

Such warranties are given by some of our suppliers, mostly direct importers, for their products as a token of trust in the quality of these products. This warranty is basically borne by the importers themselves. To show faith in the quality of their product, they replace the faulty product, if the warranty claim is found valid.

3. Specific Parts Warranty:

This type of warranty is mostly given in Electronic Appliances. Major parts of an appliance play a vital role in the operation of that product, like the compressor in an AC or the display panel in a TV. Thus, specific warranties for these kinds of parts are provided according to product. Specific warranties only cover the warranty for the said part of their respective product. It will not cover costs if any other part of the respective product is faulty. In such cases, you must bear the costs of replacing/fixing that other part.

4. Service Warranty:

Products with this warranty only cover the servicing cost of the expert/technician who fixes the product. If any extra part is required to fix the product, then the customer must bear the cost of that part.

5. Non/No Warranty:

Products with No Warranty, as the name suggests, there is no warranty coverage for such products provided by our suppliers. Having said so, we always want our customers to feel safe when buying their desired electronics from us with ease of mind. We do not want our customers to open their purchased electronics just to see that they are not working. So, keeping that in mind, all non-warranty electronic devices on our site will have a minimum of 2 days (48hrs) of warranty on them by default.

Timeline for Warranties and Servicing:

Basic rule of your warranty timeline starts from the time of delivery. From the day and time your purchased product is delivered to your desired location, the warranty period starts.

Servicing timeline differs from product to product and supplier to supplier. Keeping all things in mind like the availability of spare parts and products, workload of technicians, workload of warranty claim checkers and finally workload of supply chain. The general timeline for servicing or any warranty claim will be around 10-15 working days. Service timeline starts from the time when the faulty product reaches our premises.

Major complexities in the faulty product or issues in any of the points mentioned above may prolong the service time. In such cases, customers will be informed of the delay by our representative.

Reasons for Warranty claim becoming void or denied:

1. Insufficient/False data for backing warranty claim:

If the customer is unable to provide us with sufficient information that proves his/her claim, or the customer provides us with false information regarding his/her warranty claim then we hold the right to deny it.

2. Accidental Damages:

If the product is found to be damaged by accident like improper handling, water damage, fire damage, electrical damage through high/low voltage, physical damage, then the claim will be denied.

3. End of Warranty Period:

If the claim itself is made after the warranty period is over, then the claim will be denied.

4. Mismatch of Product’s Serial Number with System Data:

If the faulty/warranty claimed product’s serial number does not match with our back-end database, then the warranty claim will be denied.

Basic Rules & Suggestions:

• Keeping the product’s box is mandatory in most cases (except for large appliances). We suggest at least keep the product’s box for the warranty period.

• Try to reach us and lodge your complaint as soon as you are sure that there is a fault with the product. Best practice would be to call us on our hotline number directly.

• Try to make a video during the first unboxing of the product. It will strengthen your claim, if by chance, you have received a faulty product.

• Almost all manufacturers of electronics know that 1-2 products out of every 100 products manufactured might have a manufacturing defect. It is a common thing in electronic devices, so nothing to panic about. That is the reason they provide warranties on their products.